Gluten Free Soba Noodles Workshop - March 14, 2015

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Soba Workshop in Highland Park on March 14, 2015
Hours: 11-2pm

I just received 100 lbs of stone-milled buckwheat from Japan.
Will be offering a hands-on experience making noodles.
We will do tastings of three types of noodles - zarusoba classic, soba with walnut sauce and duck soba in a hot broth.
Some homemade koji pickles and Shiratama rice desert will be part of the tasting menu.  Fee: $95
To register, pleas...
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Dashi and Miso Soup

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When I think about the basic building block of Japanese cuisine, it all boils down to Dashi.  Here is a dashi story I wrote for Zester Daily.   

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Onigiri and Miso Soup Workshop at 24th Street Elementary School

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When it comes to cooking classes, I enjoy working with children the most.  Here is a story on the onigiri and miso soup workshop at 24th Street Elementary School in downtown LA. ()

Hearty Winter Vegetable Soup

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Sakai bought a large Lodge cast iron black pot to put on top of our wood burning stove. The pot added a lot to the ranch ambience.  Seasoned a couple of weeks ago,  I wanted to use the pot to cook something hearty - like a stew or soup.  Such moment arrived.

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Miso Soup with Fava Beans, Zucchini and Tofu

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A warm bowl of miso soup with fava beans, zuchinni and tofu.  This is a simple soup to make, and of course, like all my other miso soups, I have it for breakfast.   You can still find zucchinis and fava beans that are still tender.  When you buy fava beans, make sure the shells are not bruised or browned. Feel the pods and try to find ...
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New Years Soup with Mochi - Ozoni

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The first week of New Year is Ozoni time. Ozoni is a clear soup composed around a piece...
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Soul of Miso

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The story of Kenji Tsukamoto was something that I found out of the blue.  I was visiting Sado. Hirahara-san, my guide, mentioned that there was a Koji-ya, a mold-maker, that lived in this town.  Until then, I had never met anyone who made mold for a living.  I was curious.  I asked Hirahara-san to take me to Tsukamoto's shop.  Tsukamoto was not there at first. He had gone to the beach with his grandchildren.  So I went out for a little bite of sushi (...

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Japanese Breakfast - Miso Soup brings me to my comfort zone

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What's a Japanese breakfast?

Good morning!  Did you have a good breakfast this morning?  I did.  Here is a picture of my breakfast and a breakfast story...
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Miso Soup with Peas, Turnip and Pearl Onions

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We have yet to have a real summer day in Santa Monica.  A cup of coffee is not enough to warm me up in the morning. So here comes the miso soup.  I found some nice fresh peas and pearly onions at the market ...
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Pumpkin, Tofu, and Green Pepper Miso soup

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I made this miso soup with the intention of keeping the pumpkin in tact but I got distracted and walked away from the stove. When I returned, the pumpkin had overcooked and was beg...
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Miso Soup and Bagels for Breakfast

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Good morning! It's nice to have a wholesome breakfast from time to time. Wholesome, it's been.  I've been eating bagels 3 days in a row. This is the last one, accompanied by two beautiful eggs and miso soup.  I used turnip, fresh Meiji tofu, scallions and wakame for the soup.  (here is the
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Miso Soup with Tofu and White Vegetables

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Chicken soup helps with a cold. Miso soup has the same medicinal effect but it much easier to put together than chicken soup, especially when your sick neighbor needs a quick boost. My neighbor Ellen hadn't eaten well in two days, and wa...
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Nanakusa-gayu - Rice Porridge with Seven Herbs

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Nanakusa Gayu

Seven herbs - nanakusa 

I don't think I have ever eaten as many good luck foods as I did this year. On January 7th, there was yet another occasion.  The Japanese celebrate the Festival of Seven Herbs,
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Miso Soup with Mushrooms, Tofu and Mitsuba

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Shitake, Enoki and Tofu Miso Soup with Mitsuba

I still have some beautiful vegetable stock left over from the Butternut Squash soup I made for Thanksgiving.  Both the stock and the soup came from Thomas Keller's recipes in his 
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Tororo Kombu Soup with Umeboshi

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Tororo Kombu, sliced negi and umeboshi

Yesterday, I was still feeling full from the Thanksgiving feast.  Since there are no leftovers except for the one reject apple pie that stayed home, I am almost back to my regular eating pattern.  I made a tororo kombu soup for breakfa...
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Kabocha Squash Soup Made With Dashi

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Kabocha squash soup made with dashi and garnished
with shiso

It turns out that I don't have to worry about the turkey this year. Our friends Kathy and Russ invited us for Thanksgiving.  I offered to make a couple side dishes: a s...
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Shimeji mushrooms and Tofu Miso Soup

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With so much going on around the house, my routine breakfast was interrupted for awhile.

I often found myself eating just a piece of toast and that was it for breakfast.  It's so much healthier to start the day with a bowl of miso soup.  I made it this morning with shimeji mushrooms and tofu.  I have some Negi, Japanese sc...

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Vegan Miso Soup with Heirloom Tomato, Wakame and Tofu

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There is a lot going on outside this morning.  Our Oxacan gardner, Eddie, and Sakai are sanding and painting the patio. I am happy that the patio is finally getting a make-over but boy, is it noisy. I still practiced my morning ritual  of making soup, using for the first time, my homemade dried Maitake mushrooms to make a vegetarian...
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Miso Soup with Corn, Napa Cabbage and Spinach

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I hear from my friends in New York that it's like December weather over there.  Here in LA, we are back to summer again. I bought some corn from a local farmer who told me that corn is still good.  I didn't eat much corn this summer but the two times that I ate it, they were fantastic. Corn is delicious in miso soup.  I shucked a whole co...
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Satsuma-imo -Fall Miso Soup with Sweet Potato

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Satsuma-imo, washed and ready
Satuma-imo!  Satuma-Age.  I am cooking lots of things from Kyushu, the Southern Island of Japan. Didn't plan it that way.  Just happened to find a box full of Satsuma-sweet potatoes at th...
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