Three Noodle Workshops - January 2017

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Happy New Year!

I hope your New Year is going well!

This year I will continue to teach a variety of classic and modern Japanese cooking but hope to add a new dimension.  My goal is to incorporate "Japanese composition" lessons to my feature cooking classes. It's sounds like a language class. In a way it is. I would like to show you how to build a Japanese menu at home via the concept of Ichiju Sansai, one bowl, one dish, grains and pickles.  If I didn't tell you it's classic, you would think it's modern and Californian, because I emphasize fresh, seasonal ingredients and simplicity. One bowl of soup, one vegetable, meat or fish dish, a grain dish and some pickles to aid digestion.  So wheather you make noodles with me, or miso or tofu or pickles, we will sit down to a meal at the end that reflects this concept, so you can add it to your vocabulary of Japanese cooking. 

I will be teaching for the first time at King Arthur Flour's new school at WSU in Mt. Vernon, Washington from January 21-22.  

I am offering the following three workshops in Los Angeles (Highland Park)  this month:

Sunday, January 15  11-130pm  UDON   $100

Saturday, January 28  11-130pm SOBA   $100

Sunday, January 29  11-2pm  Ramen   $125

If you would like to sign up, please e-mail me at [email protected] and I will send you a PAYPAL registration form.

All three workshops are community style. Everyone pitches in to help. You will make the noodles and soup from scratch. We will sit down for a simple meal. You will  also have extras to take home, so bring containers for your soup and noodles. 

Thank you for all your support.


Los Angeles Area - Soba Workshops - August 2016

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I am offering two workshops this weekend.

Saturday, August 13 2-6pm

(Santa Monica)

Sunday, August 14 6-8pm

(Highland Park) 

POKETO - Soba Workshop April 16, 2016

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I am looking forward to the soba workshop this Saturday ,April 16 from 2-5pm. It's offered by Poketo, the coolest design shop in Los Angeles. Owers, Ted and Angie, have been so enthusiastic about putting this together. We started planning it months ahead of time. It's their first food event at . I hope the flour binds and the soba taste good.    The event is SOLD OUT! 


Udon Noodles Workshop Highland Park April 9

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Udon Workshop tomorrow.  It all begins with good flour.
I used  and
  - both are owned by family farms
in Washington where I will be teaching in July,  I used a pasta machine
to make the noodles.  Chilly and raining in Los Angeles. It was a perfect
day for hot noodles.

odles. They turned out looking like "kishimen" which 
are the flat Japanese noodles - a cousin of Udon noodles.  Delicious.

Soba pop up at the Standard Downtown 3/20/16

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Skirball Center - Dumpling Workshop

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Dumpling workshop is coming up at Skirball Center.   I am teaching Japanese dumplings - my favorite, which is gyoza.

POKETO - Soba Workshop April 16 2-5

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This has been another busy year teaching soba.  I am going to be teaching at POKETO's studio in Koreatown. Such a creative space! To register visit


Saveur March Issue "Sonoko Dreams of Soba"

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I am so please to tell you about the feature soba story in Saveur March issue by Francis Lam. I counted 15 pages with my recipes and pictures.  Francis' story is very moving.  

Spring Comfort Foods - Workshops

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My flowering pear tree in the patio is in full bloom and my grapefruit tree is heavy with fruit. The weather has been so warm, it feels like summer is already here, but let’s hope for more rain. Some exciting things are happening in my kitchen. Last year, writer Francis Lam did a two day soba immersion class with me and wrote about it. The story is featured in the March issue of Saveur, “Sonoko Dreams of Soba.” along with of step step instructions and beautiful photographs by Dylan + Jeni. I hope you pick up a copy at the newsstand. To celebrate soba, I am going to be sharing the recipes that were featured in the magazine at the upcoming March workshops. I am also offering my first miso making workshop as well as the popular udon noodle stomping workshop. In all three workshops, you will put your hands in dough, learn about the Japanese pantry and have a lot o fun. If you sign up before February 15, you will get a 10% discount. To register, please e-mail me at [email protected]


Hope to see you at one of my workshops.


Thank you for your support.


Best wishes,





Make Soba Noodles by Hand

Session 1: Saturday, March 5  3-6pm

Session 2: Sunday, March 6, 11-2 pm

Sesson 3: Sunday, March 6, 330-630pm

Hands on soba workshop - We will make our own flour blend to make soba, using aromatic, coarse, and finely milled Anson Mills flour. I will show you how to make the sauces and soups featured in the Saveur, March Issue, which includes Chicken and Egg Soba with Herbs in a hot broth and Mushroom Seiro with dipping sauce and Zaru Soba with Walnut sauce. I will serve something sweet to tie the soba meal. Fee: $95. You will take home 2 servings of Soba. To register email [email protected]




Make Miso at Home

Saturday, April 2,  11-3pm

There is nothing like home made miso. The fermentation is a six month process so you won’t see results overnight but it is fun to see the gradual transformation of beans to miso. Once you try it, you don’t want to go back to store bought miso anymore. In this Hands on miso making workshop - you will make your own batch of miso, using Non GMO soybeans, koji and sea salt. Sonoko will serve a lunch of Japanese rice bowl with miso soup, homemade pickles and something sweet to tie our miso themed day. Please bring a 6 cups container with lid for your miso. This is a 4 hour class. $110 To register email [email protected]


Udon Noodles and Donabe Clay pot Cooking

Saturday, April 9, 11-2pm

Udon or Soba, that is the question. People in the southern western part of Japan will say Udon! Some people eat and love Udon more than rice. Udon is a thick wheat noodle that is commonly served hot as a cold weather comfort food but we can also serve it cold like soba. I will show you both ways. We will be stepping on dough so it will be a fun work out. The noodles will be served Udon-suki - a Classic Donabe hot pot so you will also be learning how to cook with a donabe pot. If you don’t have a donabe pot, no worries. A regular pot will do. You will take home 2 servings of udon noodles. What to bring: Apron and your kitchen knife. Fee: $95



Standard Dtwn Soba Pop up/ Workshop Jan 13, 2016

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Community Soba Workshop January 3 - two sessions

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I am offering a community workshop in Highland Park.

Session 1:   10-1130am   
Sesssion 2:  1-230pm   

You will make 3 servings of soba by hand and we will do tastings of soba in a hot broth.
Vegetarians are welcome.


SQIRL Los Angeles - Soba Noodles

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Hello Friends!


I will be making SOBA NOODLES to usher in the New Years.


"The tradition of slurping soba noodles at year end is to put the hardship of the year behind you. The belief being that the soba noodles are easily cut while eating; easing us into the New Year."


Come for a knead or a slurp!

To register visit 




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Making soba is more than making noodles.  It's meditative and grounding.  Here is me slurping on the radio, and I am not even embarrassed.  Slurping is a good sound. Here is the


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Ok, finally the pop up I always wanted to do - Tachigui-soba.  Standing only, eat-and go soba pop up.  

It wil be for only two days, Saturday, November 14 and Sunday, November 15 from 6-9pm. So don't miss it.  
Where:  coffee shop.Across from Animal restuarant.
Address: 440 Fairfax Avenue, Hollywood
Parking: Street parking

MENU:   The soba is made with new crop ANSON MILLS Koban buckwheat
grown in the Applachia near Asheville in North Carolina. Field ripened.
I am featuring two hot sobas:
Duck soba in a hot broth $17
Suage vegetables in a hot broth-v  $15

Vegan option is available.

Japanese inspired Tofu donuts will be prepared by Nicole Rucker. 

Three noodles workshops in November- Ramen & Soba

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You get to pick one or the other or take both.  They are both Japanese noodles with an entirely different styes -

Soba is buckwheat based.  Ramen is wheat.   Soba is light.  Ramen is fatty.  Both have great umami.

We will be making the noodles from scratch.  The broths as well.  Commercial noodles will become too salty, and the 

noodles mediocre after you taste these homemade noodles.  To register, go to the school's website.

Saturday, November 8

Gourmandise Cooking School

Ramen 10-1pm 

Soba 630p-930p

To register go to 

Sunday, November 9

Urban Kitchen

Soba 11-2pm


Three Noodling Workshops in September

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Okay, I just want to say that we got through this hot muggy summer in one piece. I know it's not over. I spent half a day at the Pasadena Library because it's so cool there.  These old buildings are so well insulated, they don't even need air conditioning. So this is where I thought about announcing the first of my fall classes in Los Angeles. Let's start with three noodling classes in September.  Sorry, I didn't give you plenty of advance notice but I have been so busy trying to finish my RICECRAFT cookbook, which will be out in the fall of 2016.  I spent most of the summer making nothing but onigiris, and discovered some good recipes along the way, but I now want to get back to my favorite food: noodles.


I will be featuring soba, udon and ramen.  HEre are the dates:


Sunday, September 20 11-130pm Soba noodles by Hand


Saturday, September 26 11-130pm udon Noodles by Hand


Sunday, September 27 NEW!! 11-130pm ramen Noodles by Hand


Cost is $95 dollars for each class.


In each class, you will learn more than noodle making. I will take you through the Japanese Pantry, show you how to incorporate Japanese seasonings into your daily cooking. You will make a dipping sauce and hot broth, using these ingredients. You will learn how to make noodles by hand, using authentic noodle making tools. We will do tastings in class and you will each take home two servings of noodles. This is not a gluten free or vegan workshop but vegetarian option is available if you let me know in advance by e-mail.


To register, please e-mail me at [email protected] and I will send you a Paypal registration form.


All three classes will be offered in Highland Park.

Please bring an apron and wear "tennis shoes" or soft shoes.


Thank you very much.

July 10 Soba Workshop in Santa Moncia

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Ok, we've had our 4th of July celebration, saw the fireworks and rodeo in Tehachapi. Now I am back from the ranch teaching.  Tomorrow, Saturday, July 10 is Soba at Gourmandise School in Santa Monica. It's nearly sold out.  
It will be a fun class, if you haven't taken my soba class yet.  There is also another workshop coming next Sunday but let's get through this one first. The more practice the better.  To register visit Gourmandise school (" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">here is the link).

Soba Yoga - A workout and cooking class in one

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I used to not like eating soba salads - soba in combination with vegetables tossed in an oily salad dressing. The idea of the noodles getting mushy was what turned me off. But I have managed to solve that problem by tossing the salad separately from the oily dressing.  The vegetables get their coat of dressing but not the soba, until you mix up the whole thing together- which can wait till last minute.  The noodles get a quick dip in a  soy bonito broth. This gives the noodles some flavor.  My soba salad is a two step process, and maybe not for everyone but I like serving soba salads this way.   You can use any combination of vegetables and salad dressing with soba. These noodles are pretty adaptable. 

I am offering a soba yoga community class this coming Saturday, June 13 from 10-11:30am. It's very short for a cooking class but just enough to finish a batch of noodles by hand and get a little work out kneading.  I consider making soba, yoga so if you want to explore this idea, join me. To register, e mail me at [email protected]


Bento Box/Soba Workshops - Two On May 21

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I will be back at Gourmandise Cooking School to teach a class in Bento Box making and Hands on Soba Noodles.  If you like to take both workshop, you can do them back to back and hang out with me in the kitchen all day. It will be fun!
 " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Here is the link to register.

Soba Workshop May 23

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I am going to be selling soba-to-go at Arroyo General in Highland Park starting in late May.  Visit their website for the exact date.  I will also be teaching a soba workshop on May 23. Please register through    

Soba in the making