Rain of Diamonds

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Rain of diamonds
Brown leaf glistens
Mother's tears
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Copper Beech Tree in South Hampton

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  The most precious thing in life is its uncertainty.  Consider living creatures -

                none lives so long as man.  The Man fly waits for the evening, the summer

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Cherry Blossoms - Haiku - Santa Monica

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My cherry tree  

Blossoms on the pavement

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Haiku - Summer

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When I slurp

        a bowl of somen noodles

           it becomes a summer breeze

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Old hands

steady  and focused

rinse the rice

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Spring is here

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I used to sing this song a lot as a chiild but never imagined singing it the way UA Umi does. There is a supernatural quality abouther voice. () Her stage name UA means Flower in Ethiopian but she is Japanese. The song feels like church music. Her voice is slightly off tune and her customes our out there but she has a sweet quality.


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I want to meet

the owner of this house

Blooms of wisteria 

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Haiku -Summer -butterfly

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First Butterfly

Finds the path

of the wind



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within a reach

more happiness

 on a branch of flowers


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The buds

Invite me to open

the window facing North


Haiku - Spring

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A moment of Spring

comes to a cat 

 one big yawn