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I will be at SHED in Healdsburg leading Japanese culinary workshops during the month of October. Please join us.

For details, please visit Shed's website.

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July 10 Soba Workshop in Santa Moncia

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Ok, we've had our 4th of July celebration, saw the fireworks and rodeo in Tehachapi. Now I am back from the ranch teaching.  Tomorrow, Saturday, July 10 is Soba at Gourmandise School in Santa Monica. It's nearly sold out.  
It will be a fun class, if you haven't taken my soba class yet.  There is also another workshop coming next Sunday but let's get through this one first. The more practice the better.  To register visit Gourmandise school (
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Dashi ingredients - The Three Essentials

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Karebushi - Dried Bonito

If there are ten things I love about Japanese food, Katsuobushi would be one of the main reason...
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Dashi and Miso Soup

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When I think about the basic building block of Japanese cuisine, it all boils down to Dashi.  Here is a dashi story I wrote for Zester Daily.   

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Regarding my pantry

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As a child, I used to love looking inside my grandmother's pale green kitchen cabinet of seasonings and utencils.  It was an old cabinet that my mother tried to get rid of, but my grandmother rescued it,  and put it in her kitchen to store food.  My brother stuck war plane stickers on the glass.  Grandmother had everything she needed in that cabinet.  It was like a treasure box.  My pantry is not in one place like hers. I keep my salt, pepper, sugar and soysauce ...

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Dashi ritual

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Konbu seaweed

When I cook at home, I don't use too much salt, cream, cheese, or oily sauces and dressings. I use dashi. It's the fragrant stock that forms the base of miso soup and seasoning for many Japanese dishes. The most po...
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Shio-Koji - Cooking with Koji

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Shio-Koji - Cooking with Koji

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I have been working in the bay area since the beginnning of the year, teaching soba and doing events at Google to introduce Japanese rice.  I have also preparing for a koji event at Bar Tartine, one of my friend restaurants in the Bay area. The koji themed dinner is happening on May 28.  Here is a story that came out about Koji. 

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Sobayu - Buckwheat broth

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The cooking broth that is used for boiling soba noodles makes a satisfying and heathy broth called Sobayu. It is usually served half way during the meal when you order cold soba at a soba noodle shop.  The standard way to drink it is to pour the broth directly into the cup containing the dipping sauce.  Usually, by the time t...
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Soul of Miso

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The story of Kenji Tsukamoto was something that I found out of the blue.  I was visiting Sado. Hirahara-san, my guide, mentioned that there was a Koji-ya, a mold-maker, that lived in this town.  Until then, I had never met anyone who made mold for a living.  I was curious.  I asked Hirahara-san to take me to Tsukamoto's shop.  Tsukamoto was not there at first. He had gone to the beach with his grandchildren.  So I went out for a little bite of sushi (...

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Dashi - Basic Stock 101

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My Japanese staples on the butcher table.

Dried chili peppers, dried shitake mushrooms,

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Dried Bonito Flakes and Kombu Dashi

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Makes 3/12 cups 


This is an all purpose seafood stock that is used to make miso soups  Suimono soup, Nabe, Ohitashi and other dashi based sauces. (Same recipe as Dashi 101)

Active Work Time: 5 minutes. Total Preparation Time: 20 minutes


This will keep five days in the refrigerator, so you can make it the night before and just add miso past...

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Dried Shitake and Kombu Dashi - Vegan broth

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Makes 8 cups

This will keep five days in the refrigerator, so you can make it the night before. This Dashi can be used to miso soup, nabe, chawanmushi, and to season a variety of dishes.

Dashi stays fresh for 3-4 days in the fridge.

2 pie...

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Dried Maitake Mushroom Dashi - Vegan Broth

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The Maitake mushrooms dried very nicely in the sun.  It took two days to shrivel up. I made this vegan dashi, using the dried shitake mushrooms, dried Kombu seaweed, water and a little sake.  It is very fragrant and takes less than 15 minutes to prepare it.  You can use this dashi in the place of fish based dashi.  &#...
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Drying Maitake Mushrooms - Santa Monica

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We are still having good beach weather in Southern California, with temperatures in the high 80s, even 90s.  My neighbor Ellen had a big party last night that went late but she didn't  miss her Sunday walk with me on the Santa Monica boardwalk. People were on the beach, soaking in the sun, playing volleyball, jogging,rollerblading, etc. When I g...

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Quick Hot Broth for Soba Noodles - Kakejiru

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This recipe is very easy, especially when you have no Kaeshi (dipping sauce concentrate) around.  


Serves 4

4 cups water

2 cups bonito flakes (Katsuobushi)

2 Tbls sugar

1/3 cup Mirin (Hon-Mirin) sweet sake

1 cup soysauce

Bring the sugar, mirin, soy sauce and water in a medium size pot and bring

to a boil.  Reduce heat, and add the bonito flakes.  Simmer for a couple of minutes. ...

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Dipping Sauce for Soba - Soba Workshop

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Here is the dipping sauce recipe that Akila Inouye from the
provided to us for our 2009 Soba Workshop, which was held in Santa Monica, California.


How to make Morizuyu (Dipping sauce for cold soba noodles)


[Summary] by Akila ...

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Quick Dipping Sauce for Soba - The Wednesday Chef

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As I was browsing the internet, I came across the food blog

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All Purpose Dipping Sauce

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This is an all purpose basic dipping sauce that I use for dipping Tempura, Soba, Somen noodles. You can use this recipe as a starting point, and make some adjustments with the seasonings to suit your palate. The sauce is sweetened with Mirin, sweet sake, which unlike sugar has more depth in flavor.  It is not as dense or rich as the Dipping Sauce for Soba but easier to make.


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Miso-Sake Marinade

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Miso Sake Marinade


This is a marinade that can be used for marinating firm white fish. Black cod works best but also link and rock cod. The marinade can also be used for marinating beef and pork.

You can adjust the sweetness of the marinade by adding more or less sweet sake and sugar.

2 cups White miso (Saikyo is preferred) or light brown miso

1.5 oz sake

1.5 oz mirin

1 Tbls sugar (optional)


In a ...

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