The Pantry - Tofu Workshop - Seattle

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Just got back from the Bay Area teaching tofu and nabe workshops.  I had a few days to breathe in Tehachapi, play with my dog Ana and do laundry.  Now I am headed to Seattle where I will be teaching tofu at" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> the Pantry in Ballard.  I am looking forward to teaching in the new kitchen. I also get to hang out with my son Sakae and my daughter-in-law, Binah in Seattle. All three workshops are sold out!

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Tofu Workshop February 6, 2016

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If you haven't tasted fresh tofu, you got to do it at least once.  You will realize that what you have been eating all this time, the commercial stuff that is, doesn't have any flavor at all.  Fresh tofu is made and eaten on the same to enjoy its full flavor.

Join me on February 6 from 10-130p and 3-6pm in Highland Park. E-mail me to register -

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Tofu Making - SF Cooking School

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This summer I started teaching tofu making.  It's a lot more work than other workshops - prep and clean up wise but the rewards are wonderful and I found some nice Non-GMO soybeans and good sources for nigari. There is nothing like the flavor of freshly made tofu.   about my workshop at the SF Cooking School and some nice pic...
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Tofu Workshop July 18, 2015

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I will be offering a Tofu workshop from 11-2pm on Saturday, July 18 in Highland Park.  This is a hands on workshop that will show you how to mae tofu from scratch!  You will never eat commercial tofu again.  To register, e mail

Perfect Eggs for a Japanese Omelet's Elegant Swirls

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One of my favorite passtime is making a Japanese omelet.  If I have pastured eggs, the occasion becomes even more special.   The pastured eggs I used to make this omelet came from Linda Vista Farms.

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Sushi just right for making at home

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Noone really makes nigiri sushi at home - we leave that to the sushi chefs.  But almost every home cook makes chirashi-sushi. It's a scattered sushi - a Japanese version of a paella or pilaf.   This particular chirashi sushi is vegetarian; the toppings can be almost anything you want them to be - b...
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Miso Soup and Bagels for Breakfast

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Good morning! It's nice to have a wholesome breakfast from time to time. Wholesome, it's been.  I've been eating bagels 3 days in a row. This is the last one, accompanied by two beautiful eggs and miso soup.  I used turnip, fresh Meiji tofu, scallions and wakame for the soup.  (here is the
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Something "Kawaii" - Japanese Egg Mold

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I keep finding things in Japan that makes me say, Wahhh Kawaii!  This basically means "Oh, how cute!" but it can also mean "I like it." Japanese use this word in almost any context. Kawaii rhymes with Hawaii so it is easy to remember. Here is what I found today while shopping at , a gigantic store that reminds me of HOME DEPOT, only it's got tons of fun and K...

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Ganmodoki - Tofu Fritters with Yuzu

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We are approaching   season. This aromatic citrus is a bit pricy at about $1 or $2 for a tiny fruit, and at the moment, I can only find green unripe

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Footballs- Inari sushi

Posted on September 25, 2009 at 2:10 AM Comments comments (4)

The only people I know who call Inari sushi Footballs are my Japanese-American friends. When I first heard it called that way,  I laughed.  I didn't understand anything about the game because I had just moved from Japan but I knew what a football looked like and I could see the resemblance.  In Japan, we call Inari zushi Oinari-san, with an honorific "o" and "san" at the beginning and end.  It's because Inari also happens to be the Japanese mythological God of fertility. &...

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Tofu and Myoga Ginger Soup

Posted on August 25, 2009 at 4:42 PM Comments comments (1)

Suimono with Tofu and Myoga 

Whenever I see Myoga at the Japanese Market, I buy a few.   ...
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Nutty Tofu Dressing - the oil and vinegar alternative

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SHIRA AE is a tofu based dressing that goes well with vegetables and seafood. It is one of my favorite ways to eat tof...

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Miso soup with Tofu

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We've had cool weather in LA.  It was perfect weather for the eight mile hike we did up   Westridge fire road last Sunday.  I got my arm stung by a bee as we were coming down the mountain but otherwise, it was nice to be outdoors.  My hiki...

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French country lunch - Fontainbleau, France

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So this week brings me to Paris. Yes, I am hopping around the world a lot this summer. Tokyo then Paris, then back...

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Posted on June 25, 2009 at 1:55 AM Comments comments (1)

There are so many ways to cook an omelet. What I often make at home is a Japanese style omelet called tamago or tamago-yaki. This is a good recipe when you want to use up your eggs. I've got lots of eggs in the fridge. If I don't cook them before I leave town, noone...

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Mapo Tofu

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I took Ana on a lo...

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