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Wooden Boat

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The night before taking off to his first art show in Germany,  Sakai was in the garage doing woodwork. It turned out he was working on a little wooden boat for Masa, our grandson.  It's Sakai first grandson, my step grandson.  I already met Masa last year but Sakai had not.  Masa is now almost 18 months. The boat rocks if you touch it and is balanced by two metal weights.  I think they are knobs that Sakai recycled. There is what looks to be like a sailor on the top.  It's a balancing act. The boat and the man can be disassembled by a child. I think it's age appropriate.   It's a beautiful work of art.  I always love the pieces Sakai makes for his friends on special occasions.  Meeting Masa will be very special.

Wood Sculpture - Santa Monica

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This corner in our living room was always devoted to art.  This sculpture was put here during the month of March - the last month before we vacate this house.  There was a very big sculpture that occupied this place for years but we moved that out to make this room look bigger and put this one instead.   This sculpture makes me think of two people - one supporting the other. The black and the white, each plays a role to be whole  The white is feminine. The black masculine.  The white is angelic.  The black is solid as stone.  It's a beautifully balanced piece.

Sculpture in Mohave dessert

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Happy New Year! Hang in there!





Sculpture in Mohave Desert

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Sakae takes a picture of the sculpture.

Opening Reception - Sakai's show

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A moment before 

The stone sculpture in the foreground symbolizes fertility. It's the belly of a pregnant woman. The size of that belly is how I feel about what it was like to be pregnant with a show.  I am not the artist but my heart was burning on occasion and I even felt the labor pains.  Well, the art pieces have been delivered and they look healthy.  The large wall piece in the background is the male/female piece Sakai was working on till the night before the show and he wasn't sure if he could finish it in time.  I was thrilled to see it up on the gallery wall.  "That piece is exactly like music,"  a jazz drummer and composer friend, Peter Erskine commented. I loved the association.  I could see the movements in the piece.  

This is the first large scale retrospective show Sakai has had in Los Angeles in nearly two decades and by far, the most multi-dimensional and dynamic body of work he has put together.  With the addition of paintings, which he calls drawings, I can see his daily journals as a sculptor and how that inspires his sculptures.  Sometimes, it is hard to get a proper perspective about what an artist is doing in the studio when you live with one so closely.  You see and hear the physical activities in the studio but it is so easy to take everything for granted.  Tonight, I finally have the chance to see each piece standing on its own. It's a a solid show and we are off to a good start.

Nothing can be Everything

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Sakai has been going back and forth between Santa Monica and downtown LA, making art deliveries to the gallery. There are four more days left to  We are passed the intense period. Last week it felt like a volcano was erupting right in our backyard.  This week it feels more like the calm before the storm. One more sculpture to go. Sakai is finishing up a huge wall piece.

I make lunch - just for myself.  I go for plain steamed broccolinis. Sometimes it is nice to eat vegetables with nothing on it.  Nothing can be everything.  

Waiting for the show - Santa Monica

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A sculptor's dining room turns into a temporary holding room for the sculptures.  Ana stands guard.  Her buddy Kinchan doesn't care much about art.  She does her morning yoga and shows off her long and lean body.  Living with sculptures is like living with people.  They appear like performers getting ready to go on stage.  I am just the air around it.  

Ana is the loyal guard.

Kinchan does her morning yoga.