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Boy cat looks after Mother cat - Tehachapi

Posted on March 25, 2012 at 4:25 AM

Chibi is one of two feral cats that was living with underneath our ranch house in Tehachapi when we bought the property.  Chibi, means little in Japan but he has outgrown his name and his mother, Kurokin.The  black cat curled up next to Chibi is Kurokin. Normally, Kurokin will not let Chibi near her but she is recovering from surgey and feeling either too weak to shoo Chibi away or in need of tender, loving care.  After a whole year of trying to catch these feral cats, I finally trapped  Kurokin yesterday, and took her to the vet to get her spayed. She appeared pregnant and sure enough, she was.  I am sorry about the abortion but we had to do it. 

Chibi and Kurokin last spring. They were living underneath  the
ranch house.  Chibi didn't not make an appearance until
a few months after we bought the ranch. Kurokin was
keeping her in hiding. Chibi was a complete surprise.

Chibi missed his mother a lot while she was away. I could hear the sadness in his meow.  Now that they are back together, they are inseparable.   Kurokin is doing everything a cat can do to comfort his mother.  He licks her shaved tummy and holds her  lovingly.  In just a  a couple days, Chibi appears to have matured and learned to show compassion.  In fact, he acts like  the mother cat.  We had to leave them both in Tehachapi like we always do.  It's good Kurokin has company.  Two is better than one. People and cats, we are all the same.

Kurokin - the feral cat that used to bark at us.
Now she lets us pat her on the back if she feels like it
and follows us around but always keeps a safe distant.

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