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Miso-Sake Marinade

Posted on March 28, 2009 at 2:42 AM

Miso Sake Marinade


This is a marinade that can be used for marinating firm white fish. Black cod works best but also link and rock cod. The marinade can also be used for marinating beef and pork.

You can adjust the sweetness of the marinade by adding more or less sweet sake and sugar.

2 cups White miso (Saikyo is preferred) or light brown miso

1.5 oz sake

1.5 oz mirin

1 Tbls sugar (optional)


In a non-reactive container, mix miso, sake, mirin and sugar. The marinade should be smooth enough to be able to spread easily. (The consistency is softer than peanut butter). If you need to make it softer, add more mirin or sake.



Keeps in the fridge for about a month and can be re-used, especially if you use a cheese cloth to line the fish.  I double lined the cheese cloth.  Use enough cheesecloth so you have enough cloth to envelope the fish.  With the cheese cloth lining, the fish is easier

to lift out of the marinade.  When ready to use the fish, wipe or wash off the marinade

with a paper towel or clean cloth to wipe.  Now you are ready to grill the fish.

See the recipe for Cod in Miso Marinade.

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