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The Ubiquitous Cod

Posted on March 30, 2009 at 1:42 PM


It's nearly the end of March and I am very happy that my website is up and swimming.  The last story of the month shall be on Black Cod. Itook a nice birthday hike in the Temescal Canyon with my neighbor Ellen.  After the hike, she treated me to hearty breakfast at thevillage restaurant in Pacific Palisades. 2 plus 2 - is what I always get at this place. That's a double order of everything from pancakes toeggs and turkey bacon.  I felt Tarafuku!  Later,we wandered over to the Farmers Market for fish and produce.  I boughtsome beautiful strawberries, scallions, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, dried apricots and figs and was tempted to keep going until I saw Ellen waiting in line to buy fish.

Today, people seem tobe in the mood for fish.  The Black Cod looked irresistible. I bought the large fillet of Black Cod. In my recent trip to Europe, I had salted cod, Bacalao in a croquette in aBarcelona Tapas bar. Cod fish and chips in London. Cod is such aubiquitous fish and always tasty.  But there is something you should know about America's Black Cod.  It is called cod but it is not reallya true cod. It is also called sablefish but it's neither a sablefish.The flavor and texture of Black Cod has very little in common with a true cod like Link Cod or Rock Cod.  Black Codis a softer, fattier fish. Apparently, the scientist who categorize fish just cannot determine where to place this poor big fellow. For the time being, it is labeled Cod for the mere reason that it is a commercially eaten fish.  

In Japan, the black cod gets a break.  It has its own name, even its own set of Chineese characters, Fish and Snow?? Tara-its pictographs look and sound as beautiful as Snow White.  Beauty is so subjective.


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