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Dipping Sauce for Soba - Soba Workshop

Posted on April 30, 2009 at 3:39 PM
Here is the dipping sauce recipe that Akila Inouye from the
provided to us for our 2009 Soba Workshop, which was held in Santa Monica, California.


How to make Morizuyu (Dipping sauce for cold soba noodles)


[Summary] by Akila Inouye


To make morizuyu, prepare the Hongaeshi (dipping sauce base) first.

Add the hongaeshi to dashi stock to finalize it.

Hongaeshi will keep for a month in a cool and dry place

but dashi should be prepared each time.



[How to prepare Hon-gaeshi  (Dipping sauce base)


60 servings


1.0L Soy sauce (Koikuchi/regular type)

200ml Hon Mirin (Must use a real thing made from rice, rice sprit and rice malt)

133g Sugar (Reccommend Japanese white coarse sugar but generic granulated sugar

in US should be okay)


Put the sugar and mirin in a pot.

Dissolve the sugar completely with medium heat.

Add the soy sauce and heat until 70 degrees (centigrade).

Cover the pot with a clean cloth or other material instead of using the hard lid.

Set aside the pot until the viporated steam will completely escaped

and the liquid cools to room temperature.

Store the liquid in a cool and dry place.

You can keep it for a month.



[How to finish Morizuyu]


17 servings


1200 ml Clear water (soft type should be great)

70 g Dried Bonito flakes (Katsuobushi)

350 ml Hongaeshi

Dash of Mirin (Optional)

Dash of Sake (Optional)



Boil the water for making dashi.

Put bonito flakes into the boiling hot water.

Lower heat to a simmer and cook the dashi liquid for a minute.

Strain the dashi liquid with kitchen paper into another pot.

(The dashi liquid comes to about 1,000 ml;

10 percent of the water is evaporated during cooking, and the dried bonito will

absorb another 10 percent).

Add the Hongaeshi to the dashi.  Heat the liquid to 70 degrees (centigrade).

Add a dash of Mirin and Sake ( optional).

Cool down the pot with plenty of ice. To do this, have a big bowl of ice water with ice.

Rest the pot containing the dipping sauce on top to cool down.

Serve 80 ml for each serving.

This Morizuyu will keep in the refrdgerator for 3 days.



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