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More Flower viewing in Tokyo - Myogadani

Posted on April 4, 2010 at 5:48 AM

Myogadani - Tokyo - Flower viewing festival


During this time of year, almost every body in Japan will make time to view the cherry blossoms. The weather in Tokyo has been particularly kind to the cherries. The necessary cold spell came a few days before the cherries bloomed and once that spell passed, we've moved right into good spring weather. Not too windy. Not wet. Warm enough to allow the blooms to open slowly and surely. In Japan, cherry blossoms are known for their fragility and transient nature. The blooms last for about a week.  Some of us think that life is like that: ephermeral. We might as well enjoy it while they last.

  Spectacular blooms

  The cherry blossoms blanket the sky

  People have picnics under the cherry trees.  


I was in Myogadani with my sister Fuyuko. We went to Ikoan, an artisinal pastry shop that I blogged about last year. They make a pastry called "Mitarashi dango" during the flower viewing season. The tiny shop was crowded with people who came to buy the dango and Sakura Mochi (Pastries wrapped in pickled cherry leaves). The Sakura mochi was sold out.

  Fuyuko takes a bite of the mitarashi dango

  Mitarashi dango is made with rice flour. It is

served with a sweet soy sauce.


The shape of Mitarashi dango was inspired by droplets of water. These little balls are soft and chewy like mochi. What makes them special is the soy based sauce. It is traditional these rice balls during the flower viewing season.


I have to say, this was one of the best spring I have ever experienced.

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Reply sonoko Sakai
12:09 AM on April 23, 2010 
Hi Amy,
Thanks for all your kind comments. I am just starting to notice that people leave comments. It's very kind of you.
I hope you enjoyed a little Hanami.

Reply Amy san
11:17 AM on April 09, 2010 
Thank you for such a beautiful tour of the spring blooms. I love the fact that people take time to picnic under the blooms.