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Pottery and Utencils

Posted on November 22, 2013 at 1:05 PM

I have been collecting pottery and utencils since I was a child.  It's sort of an obsession.  Whenever I go back to Japan, there is often a pot or a bowl in my carry-on between my clothes and bags of buckwheat flour.  I got my pottery collecting obsession from my mother who used to comb through the flea markets and thrift shops looking for things.  Once, I found some plates in a thrift shop that were Made in Japan, probably from the fifties.  Paid less then $10 for the set of five.  They are not fine china but they have a story. I also collect beautiful objects in nature like a pretty rocks or twigs to rest  chopsticks or a leaf to decorate the serving plate.  Then, there are those special occasion utencils like my inlaid daffodail blossom lacquerware bowl, which comes out only during springtime. I look forward to eating out of the bowl and thinking about my childhood days in Kamakura.  

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