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Basic Country Bread a la Tartine - Lesson 1

Posted on March 10, 2014 at 7:55 PM

After taking Dana Morgan's Tartine bread baking class in Weschester yesterday, I let the dough rest in the fridge overnight and took it out this afternoon to bake it.  One of the things that Chad Robertson, author of Tartine Bread Book repeatedly  advises in his book, is to wear long mitts so as not to burn yourself while handling the bread in the oven.  Boy, was he right! The temperature of the lodge pan gets up to 500F so it is really hot. You hair will sizzle if you are not careful.  I didn't have a lodge pan with a lid so I improvised and used a pan with no cover and a pizza stone.  IMy first attempt at baking a sour dough bread was not too bad.  The crust came out pretty good. Kind of chewy. We added the salt before letting the dough rest yesterday, so our teacher Dana Morgan said we might not get a good rise and that's what probably happened.  No matter how imperct, I loved my first bread.

I remember making a sour dough bread in highschool.  It was so hard, we almost used a hammer to crack it open. But I was proud.  There is a picture of me in one of the family albums holding that sour dough bread. I have to look for it.  This country bread was actually quite normal except the top. It's flat because it got squashed by the shallow pan.  More practice makes perfect.

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