Braised Duck Leg with Ginger

Posted on July 13, 2009 at 1:35 AM

When I started making my own soba noodles, I acquired a new taste for duck as a topping for soba. The morsels of baised Duck with ginger is like eating spicy caramels of duck meat. These gingery sweet little cubes of meat cam be enjoyed with rice or as a topping wtih soba or udon noodles.   

Fresh duck leg meat is not very expensive, about $5 for two legs at Wholefoods.  With two legs, you can make enough toppings to serve 3 to 4 people.  This dish has lots of ginger so it's quite spicy.  You can cut it back if you prefer a milder flavor.  The last bit of soup is caramelied to give the meat a nice glaze finish.  It keeps in the fridge for about a week, so make a batch.   It also makes a nice appetizer with ginger.


Kamo no Shigureni
Makes 2 -4 servings

2 Duck Legs (Kamo no Momo), de-boned
2 -3 tbls, peeled and thinly sliced Ginger (Syoga)
1 tbls Sugar, optional
3 oz Sake (Sake)
10 oz Soba Broth (Kake Jiru)

Chop the duck into ½ cm cubes. Blanch the duck meat in hot water to remove odor.

Comine ginger and duck in a medium size pot. Add all the seasonings and cook over low heat until most of he liquid is absorbed and caramelizes the meat.  Let cool to room temperature.  
Serve as toppings for soba or udon. It's delicious at room temperature.

Cut it into even cubes. Leave the fat on the meat for good flavor.

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