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Cat Nap - Santa Monica

Posted on March 30, 2011 at 8:29 PM

Kinchan found the perfect spot to take a nap - under the drying sheet.  The patio is my favorite place to dry laundry. It gets a lot of sun. My clothes and sheets smell sweet like spring.  I wonder how Kinchan will adjust to the next place.

Kinchan is on the wild side. Loves to hunt, bring back live souvenirs and drops them in the blue tub. Hummingbirds were her favorite.  The old neighbors - Sandy and Maxine would get so mad at Kinchan whenever she went into their yard to snatch away a bird that was feeding from the bird feeder.  Sandy would often call animal control.  We were fined three times and were told to keep Kinchan on a leash or indoors.  I tried bells around her neck- at one time Kinchan wore about 4 or 5 around her neck.  She jingled like a Christmas sleigh. One year, no matter how many collars (with a bell) I put on Kinchan, she kept loosing them. I thought it was Sandy pulling them off from Kinchan's neck so animal control would take her away. There was some bad feelings between us over our cat. We couldn't resolve it.  Time eventually took care of the problem though. Kinchan got older and slowed down. She is 9 years old and not as wild as she used to be. She still hunts on occasion and surprises me but would rather nap run after a bird.  

Sandy passed away about 4 years ago.  Then yesterday, I heard that Maxine passed away.  I didn't know this until my neighbor Ellen told me. I liked Maxine.  I am sorry our cat made trouble. I hope Maxine and Sandy are both in a peaceful place.  

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