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Our House in Pasadena

Posted on April 6, 2011 at 10:48 AM

We don't start the lease on the house in Pasadena until Wednesday, but I took my succulent and flower pots there and brought Ana along to show her the new place. 

Pasadena is a familiar place to me. I grew up here in the seventies. My family lived on Hill Street, which is not far from here. I went to Blair High school and Pasadena City College. This is where I learned how to speak English.

The house we rented is the funkiest house in the prettiest neighborhood in town.  We will be here until we find a permanent home of our own. I can't wait to rediscover Pasadena.

What attracted me most about this house is the Ginko tree.  Mark, the 82 year old manager said to me, "The tree is divine."  and it is.  It invites you right into the garden and makes you feel at home. The owners of the house love this tree so much, they don't let the gardener touch it. They have a pruner from the Huntington Library that comes to take care of the tree. There are also lemon and orange trees and a nice vegetable garden that the previous leasees left behind.  The neighbors old trees are also present. The trees create a cool shade in the garden. The transition from Santa Monica to this house is going to be almost effortless because of these trees. 

The house is an old California bungalow. It's getting a coat of paint right now. Mel's lovely wife picked the color.  Mel also put these plastic planters up on the balcony. When he visited Switzerland, he saw homes with bright geraniums pots hanging from the windows.  He wants us to plant geraniums in these planters and give the house a cheerful look.  The house has three bedrooms.  The parquet floors in the living room are coated with shiny varnish. It supposedly keeps the pet urine from damaging the hardwood floors.  I don't care much about the way the floors look but I will cover them with my kilims.  The kitchen is tiny.  There is no range, no fridge, no nothing. Just cabinets.  I have to go shopping for appliances.  My soba table will probably have to stay outside.  

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