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Pasadena - Our new comfort zone

Posted on April 24, 2011 at 1:59 AM

Ana exploring the new neighborhood 

We've now been in Pasadena for two weeks.   I've been very busy unpacking our stuff, organizing our finances, making soba for a charity, and going to traffic school, and monitoring my mother's condition in Japan.  Life has been pretty intense but I cannot complain. We have a new home in Pasadena and we are more relaxed than we have been in a long time.

First the good news.  My mother beat the odds and got her lungs back.  She is breathing normally again and checking out of the hospital today.   When my sister Fuyuko told her that I moved to Pasadena, mother's eyes opened wide and she smiled. She loved living in Pasadena.

 As expected, we had a bumpy start  with Kinchan. We tried to keep her inside but she is an outdoor cat. She snuck out and went missing for awhile.  I went around the neighborhood looking and asking my new neighbors if they had seen a gray cat but no sight of Kinchan. I checked the website of the Humane Society of Pasadena and found a very similar gray cat posted on the lost cat list.  I was pretty sure it was Kinchan.  I went down to the Humane Society to see. Unfortunately, it looked like her but it was another cat.  Poor thing, it was very pregnant.

Even though many changes were taking place at home, I went to the westside to attend a charity event in Culver City, and stayed with my old neighbor, Ellen for  the night. I didn't want to take a chance driving at night on the 110 freeway.  

My old house in Santa Monica was intact but had a strangely different feeling. The garden was well tended and cheerful.  The grass looked  greener.  Ellen said they have a gardner working on it twice a week.  The old English rose bush was blooming.  So were a few of the beared Irises. The climbing rose would be next.  I know the cycle of this garden by heart.  I wanted to step in and smell the old rose but a young guy came out of the house, and that sort of put me right back in reality.  I sold the house.  It was no longer mine.  So I said goodbye to the house once again and left.

When I got home, Sakai told me that Kinchan resurfaced this morning.  I reunited with her later in the evening, after the house painters left. Kinchan was very hungry and very happy to see me. She followed me around all day.

Bird in a tree - somewhere

The big old trees in Pasadena invite all kinds of birds  - what fascinates me most are the wild parrots!  Apparently, there are hundreds of them in this area. Legend goes that a pet shop in Pasadena caught on fire and the owner of the shop released the parrots and they went wild. I never paid attention to trees and birds in the city as I have in Pasadena.

The old California bungalows are also attract the eyes.  A lot of social activity happens in the front lawns of these homes.  Children play hide and go seek, sell lemonade, run around in their bathing suits.  Grown ups read the paper in their front porch and practice golf.  It reminded me of the early days in Santa Monica. I remember there was a pair of wild ducks that would hang out in my old neighbor's front yard during the spring time.  The neighbor would put a tub of fresh water and food out for the feathery couple.  I loved that they made themselves at home.  Pasadena feels that way.  I am an older bird returning to Pasadena after 35 years, and finding my comfort zone.

Dog meets Dog

By the way, I got a call from the Humane Society today. The gray cat I inquired about had kittens. The lady asked me if I wanted to adopt a kitten.  I wish I could but not now.  Maybe later.

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