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I am a Good Cat

Posted on July 12, 2011 at 10:17 AM

Kinchan is adjusting well to the new house in Pasadena.  Though, at first I was not sure if she would because she disappeared on us for 4 days.  I didn't listen to my sister's advise to keep the cat indoors when you introduce her to a new environment.  I called the Humane Society to see if someone had turned Kinchan in but she wasn't there.  It turns out, she was hiding under the house the whole time.  She resurfaced when she got really hungry.  Now, she goes in and out of the house, as she pleases.  She loves to climb on the Ginko tree in our yard to chase squirrels and look at the world from above. She is a small cat but she has some regal qualities.  She may soon take over the reign of Miles Street from the black cat next door.  

Just the other day, I saw a small shadow moving in my closet.  I was terrified because I knew it was a mice.  I immediately called for rescue. Noone else but Kinchan.  I brought her inside.  Sure enough, she sniffed around and smelled something good. She instinctively went into hunting mode and positioned herself right by the door of the closet.  When I came back to check on the progress an hour later, however, I found Kinchan stretched on the floor, fast asleep.  A rather unreliable old guard if you asked me, but at least she stayed put.  In the middle of the night we heard a cat and mice chase like you see in cartoons.  Kinchan used the whole house to chase the mice. We heard all kinds of noises of things being knocked over and animals screaming.  Even our dog Ana got excited.  Then everything went silent.  Next morning, we found the dead mice under the couch. It was big, much bigger than the shadow I saw. It had a long greasy tail.  One thing Kinchan doesn't do is eat her prey.  She gives it to Anachan and they both play with it, until it turns into a fur ball. But Kinchan didn't play with this mice. I asked Sakai to take it away. Kinchan deserves a piece of meat, which is what she is waiting for in this picture. 

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