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Taming the Wild - Tehachapi

Posted on August 31, 2011 at 2:40 PM

Kurokin and Chibi

When we bought the ranch in Tehachapi, we found a black feral cat living under the mobil home.  The ranch had been bank owned for some time before we took over, so we wondered how this cat managed without any water or food.  But soon we learned that there is a creek near the property and there are plenty of field mice, and other edible creatures.  Still, the black cat was skin and bones, and limping when we found her. 

Having a cat on the ranch helps keep the mice population down, so we decided to keep the black cat.  We named it Kurokin which means black  and gold (for her golden eyes).  We put food and water out whenever we were at the ranch, and slowly, Kurokin began to make eye contact with us, and not hiss as much.  It's scary when she hisses with her nose. It sounds like a mean sneeze.

Three months went by, and one morning, Kurokin appeared with a little kitten.  We couldn't believe it. Maybe she had more but they didn't survive.  Kurokin is very protective of the kitten, which we named chibi for being little. Unlike her mother, chibi is not afraid of us but Kurokin keeps a close guard.  Kurokin is a good mother.  I don't know what she would have done, if she didn't have this baby.  We think the father cat was one that we found dead on Old Ranch Road, the first week I came. 

Sakai bought a cat bed at Costco to prepare the cats for the cooler weather, and sure enough, they love it. We also have to fix the heating system, which is under the house.  This means, the cats will have to find housing elsewhere soon.  Sakai is going to build a cat house for them.  

When chibi is old enough, I want to fix it.  I also want to fix Kurokin but she is not easy. My neighbor tried to catch Kurokin once but she escaped. I hope to succeed. I have to.  But I am going to wait till chibi is a little older.

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