Mastering the Basics of Sauces and Gravies

Photo delicious lunch with sauces

In cookery, sauces, and gravies are essential combinations in enhancing the flavors, textures, and appearances of dishes. Both can add flavor and moisture. They may look similar at first, but there are differences between the two. The sauce is often used as a topping or accompaniment for meats, vegetables, or pasta while … Read more

Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Every Home Cook

Food is everywhere and everywhere. Anything a person likes to eat is readily available in favorite restaurants. Practical cooks like it better to have kitchen tools. Why not? The more you own valuable kitchen equipment, the more you get an expert at your kitchen. You will never get wrong in your kitchen. … Read more

Elevating Leftovers

One night, you come home from an overstretched day, craving something to eat. While opening the fridge, there sits a seemingly simple pot of rice from yesterday, a couple of almost forgotten vegetables and a handful of herbs wilting away. These simple ingredients become a masterpiece dish in the hands of a … Read more

Mastering Knife Skills

The knife is one of humanity’s oldest and most essential tools. It has been used for various purposes throughout history, from hunting and survival to cooking and even crafting art. Its usage can never be overlooked, as mishandling a knife can lead to accidents, injuries, and even fatalities.  In the culinary world, … Read more

All You Need To Know About Smoothies

Introduction Smoothies have become popular as a preferred and practical method of getting a range of nutrients in one sitting. They can be a delicious and healthy addition to your diet, offering a variety of health advantages and a quick dinner choice for individuals who are always on the go. Everything you … Read more

Reasons to Use Fried Noodle Chips

Fried noodle chips are delicious. They’re a fun twist on the classic chips and crackers,  always gone in the blink of an eye! They are essentially deep-fried egg noodles (egg roll wrappers or fried wonton wrappers). Crunchy and golden brown, they’re commonly served as a restaurant appetizer in small wooden bowls with … Read more

Tips for Having a Clean Kitchen all Day Long

A kitchen can be the busiest yet the messiest area of a house, especially if you live with food lovers. A dirty kitchen can definitely influence your mood in a bad way. Especially, when you are just out of bed in the morning for a hot cup of coffee, but you instantly … Read more

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Tips

A commercial kitchen is certainly one of the occupied areas of the building, yet it is the most neglected ones as well. Usually, managers don’t really pay attention to its upgrading and maintenance, which leads to certain issues related to health and business too. However, if the kitchen and its equipment are … Read more

Common Onigiri Fillings

Rice triangles wrapped in seaweed with savory fillings are known as Onigiri or Japanese rice balls. You can have onigiri in a packaged form or handmade at grocery stores and restaurants. Onigiri rice balls are also known as omusubi. The name depends on the region. Instead of a triangular shape, onigiri can … Read more

About Japanese Grunt Fish or Isaki

The Japanese Grunt Fish or Isaki is a traditional Japanese fish that is served in many Edomae-Style sushi restaurants. Over the years it has become increasingly popular since restaurants today offer several different types of sushi made from a single grunt fish. Although sushi tends to be on the expensive side but … Read more

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