Fashion Subcultures Around the World

Girl Wearing Steampunk Hat

It’s fascinating to observe how cultural phenomena and historical events have shaped our societies. What’s fascinating are the subcultures that transcend the mainstream in the hopes of forging their sense of culture and identity. It is wholly up to them how they create this identity.  Still, whether they do so through bizarre … Read more

Fashion Subcultures in South Korea

Fashion is a very important part of the South Korean lifestyle. From hanboks worn in the times of the kings, to dresses, and suits made popular after the Korean War, the country has seen a lot of fashion changes. With the Korean wave spreading all over the globe, Korean fashion has been … Read more

Fashion Subcultures In Tokyo

Japanese culture is rich and diverse. Japan is a nation that is full of diverse subcultures. Tokyo is a place where no matter what your taste is, you will find a collection of subcultures. Undoubtedly, Tokyo is one of the world’s leading fashion capitals alongside New York, Milan, and Paris. Tokyo is … Read more

Japanese Fashion Trends This Year

If you are familiar with the international fashion weeks then you will know the status of Tokyo fashion trends. From the exaggerated proportions of the fashion trends, one thing is clear that Japanese trends revolve around self-expression, taking risks, and community. They mix and match the prints with kitschy accessories.  The common … Read more

A Guide to Practical Yet Stylish Camping Clothes

Camping trips are exciting and usually full of adventure as we live an experience away from our routine life. However, going on such a trip requires proper preparation especially when it comes to clothing. Many pack clothes that are stylish but not suitable according to the environment while others pack clothes that … Read more

Ideas for Everyday Work Outfits

A big question that revolves in the mind of many: What Should I Wear to Work? This question is quite frustrating because deciding on office clothes does not only depend on the dress code but also on various personal factors such as personal image, style, design, what others would think, and many … Read more

How to Choose Quality Clothes for Work

Working at an office could be stressful due to the intense workload and dressing should be the last thing to worry about. Choosing quality clothes is important to create a confident impression about yourself and give the image of a sophisticated personality. If you follow certain tips, you can surely look classy … Read more