Japanese Fashion Trends This Year

If you are familiar with the international fashion weeks then you will know the status of Tokyo fashion trends. From the exaggerated proportions of the fashion trends, one thing is clear that Japanese trends revolve around self-expression, taking risks, and community. They mix and match the prints with kitschy accessories. 

The common theme is a mask, of course. It is all about the look that you put together. It can be a style of sport track pants and an average crew neck sweater. If you are looking for sartorial inspiration of Japanese to give your wardrobe the seasonal makeover there are plenty of Japanese fashion trends that you can try on.

Japanese Fashion Trends This Year

Silver and Metallics

This type of fashion is having its roots back in the 80s. there are several ways to adopt silvery styles. Try not to go overboard and the style will look great on you. If you are trying the silvery style for the first time then you should test the water by just touching it. For example, you can try metallic cheeks, sparkling hair, silvery eyeshadows, etc.

Later on, you can try shiny clutches and metallic shoes. A shiny metallic piece adds personality to the wardrobe. Also, you can try a sparkly pleated skirt, shorts, sequins, miniskirt, and metallic top. Instead of going too shiny, you can go for solid and neutral basics. Wearing a metallic dress, coat or costume will give you a sophisticated and shiny look.

Matrix Monochrome

There has been a spike in interest in monochrome palettes in the last year. In 2021 fashion trends, designers have added a unique contrast hue to monochrome designs that create visual intrigue. The addition of this bold shade adds a dimension of color to the design with a balanced color. It does not make it too colorful. Whether with classic textures, layers, color blocks, etc. the monochrome style will always be for everyone and on-trend.

According to the color experts, the classic royal blue is the must-see color scheme. The beige, nude shades and chocolate monochrome have a certain timelessness. When it comes to the prints, go for tennis stripes and checks or preppy fall outlines. Monochrome shades always work.

It is always a good investment in black or white shades. You will be having multiple pairing options and you can wear them throughout the year. Also, you can wear eye-catching jewelry or accessories with a monochrome style.

Bold and Cozy Coatigans

A hybrid Japanese fashion trend of coat and cardigan. The coat is always heavier than a sweater because it is made of thick yarn but it is lighter than outwear. This style was only limited to school librarians and grandmothers before, but not it is cooler and stays for a season.

These comfy long sweaters are the season’s choice and they are surprisingly stylish. You can wear coatigans over colorful and patterned blouses and dresses. It creates an idea of a combination of different colors. Coatigans are multifunctional and are warm and comfortable. This classical look gets a modern sensibility through unexpected patterns and asymmetrical designs.

Pop and Block

Do you want to stand out and look forward to a brighter 2021? Then combine the colors of the rainbows. Create an eye-catching look by mixing the graphic greens with pop colors. You can follow the color wheel rule for color blocking. In the color wheel rule, the colors are side by side and located on the organic transition basis. The color wheel rule is the best option for forming a color blocking junction.

If you want to stick with the simple shapes, then the secret is to blow up the bolder hues. For this, pair your classic swimsuits, pencil skirts, and pants with directly opposing shades on the color wheel. Hence, you should avoid the sharp contrasts and shades of pairs of similar intensity levels. The final look can be off-balance if each peace is not having the same amount of growl.

The key of this fashion trend is to match the main colors to the main colors and minor colors with minor ones. For example, the combination of pink and orange looks amazing. If you are wearing pink in combination with light green, then it does not look great. 

Bubble Gum Pink

Pink is having a dual nature, such as it can be a soft and pleasant hue on one side and also it can be a powerful political punch on the other side. Bubble Gum Pink is eye-catching, shiny, vibrant, and bright. You can start this year with Bubble Gum Pink. It has been the most intoxicating shade of 2021 fashion trends. 

You can see it repeatedly on the runways of top designers like Gucci, Chanel, Molly Goddard, Cecilie Behnsen, and MSGM on the spring and summer 2021 fashion trends. The reason behind it is that it looks sleek, powerful and adds a fun dose when paired with neutral tones. Designers and brands are offering this goodness in form of anything. 

Bubble Gum Pink shade has made its way into the wardrobes of the fashion ensemble and it will be in the next season too.

Wide Pants

Wearing wide pants is not only in Japan but also overseas. Japanese girls expertly and effortlessly fit them in any style and season with vintage tops, tees, and cardigans. They are oversized belted over a soft blouse. Baggy pants will be part of the wardrobe staple this year too. This year, this wide pants fashion trend will be with compact tops. 

It means that you want to keep the proportions slim, smart, and small for wide pants. You can wear cropped tops in white, black, or any matching color with your wide pants. They can be in different prints and colors. Also, there are denim wide pants that you can wear with simple tank tops.

Harajuku Fashion

Harajuku fashion is named after Harajuku station in Tokyo. Young people in this area started wearing colorful clothes in the 1980s. Since then, it has been an important part of Japanese fashion trends. Later on, in the 2000s, it gained international recognition and fame. To try this fashion trend, there are no fixed rules. Also, there is no age or gender restriction in Harajuku fashion.

The style defies the norm and breaks the limits of conventional fashion. In Harajuku fashion, the traditional and western styles are mixed. It is mainly a mixture of many different substyles like Sweet Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Visual Kei, etc. people match unwanted, junky, and childish accessories with clothing.

Debonair Hats

Japanese fashion trends also include hats and caps. They can be of any size and shape. You will see men and women wearing flats caps, baseball caps, bowler hats, watch caps, etc. Also, you will see customized caps or hats on the streets of Japan or Tokyo. Knitted headwear of wool and linen is also included in this fashion trend. 


Shironuri word means painted in white. This Japanese subculture and fashion trend are having only one rule that is to wear white paint on the face. The entire face is painted white and the clothing can be of any style. The common clothing style is like traditional wear Kimonos, Lolita, and Victorian styles that are still adopted by the Japanese

Japanese Fashion – Self-Expression, Community and Variety

Japanese fashion trends such as street-style looks, traditional, western, pop, etc. are adopted by Japanese people. They are a mix of summer and winter fashion styles. They are not restricted to one gender or age but you will see teenagers, young adults, and middle-aged men and women trying on these fashion trends on the streets of Japan.