The best experiential tours in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia offers perfect destinations for lovers of experiential tours. This is because it is a country with a lot of natural and cultural richness. Besides this, tour agents are constantly engaged in renewing excursions that include adventure and nature for all travelers.

Among the most popular activities you can find in the country are hiking in the desert, diving in the Red Sea, driving in the mountains, or even camping in National Parks.

Saudi Arabia is ideal for travelers looking for lesser-known destinations. But it is important to note that traveling in this country is unlike backpacking in Europe. The experience in Saudi Arabia is more experiential and rustic. There is more to it than just staying in hotels. It involves camping and experiencing deserts and mountains.

That is why hiring a tour guide to do the whole tour with you is essential. We also recommend doing it in a group so that you can support each other during the experience.

Saudi Arabia is home to many exciting areas. Book a trip with reputable tour and destination management companies, such as Amazing Tours, Alboraq DMC, and Go Zahid of Zahid Travel Group. They will take care of everything. All you have to mention is the kind of experience you want and they will design everything customized.

##Guided tours are more authentic

The fact that the guides who do these activities are natives of the country allows the tour to be more authentic. In addition, many of these guides are people who have been doing this from generation to generation and bring the stories from a more personal point of view.

This is essential in a culture many people have misunderstood for so long. When culture undergoes the constant change of different nations, you may lose the translation of these ancient stories along the way. However, with a native guide, you will be able to resolve your doubts and get a real insight into Saudi life, both present and past.

But this is only available if you book in advance. Nowadays, this type of tourism has become more popular, so many travelers wish to have a personalized trip living the country’s unique experience. We also recommend looking for group options so that the journey is safer and allows you to reduce the cost per person.

##Learning more about Saudi culture

When visiting a country full of culture and history, we take the time to get to know it well. Understanding a country’s traditions and cultural norms helps us empathize with and feel embraced by its values.

Remember that this is a traditional country, so while the abaya is not mandatory for tourists, it is still important to dress modestly. Also, do not forget to leave one of your own for your guides and service personnel. It is a gesture of gratitude for making them part of your culture.

It is essential to be aware of some of the country’s customs, such as drinking coffee with the right hand and others. The tour guide can provide all these services, so the experience is 100% authentic and does not offend the locals.

##Get all your travel documents and travel around the country

If you are uncertain about the requirements for Saudi Arabia eVisa, please contact the **iVisa** experts. They will be able to answer your questions and help you determine what steps you need to take next.

The [Saudi Arabia eVisa] is a permit that allows you to visit the country for tourism or to visit friends and stay for a maximum of 90 days. This document is mandatory for more than 50 countries worldwide, so you must determine if you need this document to enter the country to avoid problems at the border.

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