What Is French Bouillabaisse Soup?

French Bouillabaisse Soup.

Soup is one of the perfect dishes to warm yourself up in freezing winters. Every region, country, and ethnicity has its particular flavors and dishes associated with soup. One such very popular soup from France is the French Bouillabaisse soup- a fish soup made from a tomato base. Over the past few … Read more

What is American Gumbo Soup?

Gumbo soup is the state dish of Louisiana, America. It is a bowl of seafood, chicken, and sausage stew that is usually served with rice. The word gumbo comes from, “gombo” which translates to “Okra” in the West African languages. This is because American Gumbo originally features okra as the main ingredient, … Read more

Benefits of Cabbage Miso Soup

Since its advent about 1300 years ago in Japan, miso has been a star ingredient of many Asian cuisines. Miso means fermented beans, which stands true as it has fermented soybeans and grains. Although it helped preserve food, its rich umami flavor—a mix of salty, earthy, and a smidgeon of sweetness—was so … Read more