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Pruning old vines & Sowing wildflower seeds

Posted on January 28, 2013 at 11:00 AM

There is always work waiting for us in Tehachapi.  If we could be there everyday to attend to the ranch, it would be an ideal situation but at the moment, more than half of our time is spent in Los Angeles.  Coming to Tehachapi is a getaway.  

This time of the year is especially quiet and the weather is always changing.  We had light rian the whole time and the temperature was in the 40s.  Unlike Los Angeles that has been on the 60s, it's winter here and some of the rain turned into snow in the hills behind us, giving it a light white coat.  

I decided to plant some wild flower seeds.  I have accumulating a collection of seeds - poppies, lupine, mixed wild flowers.  When we first bought the land nearly 18 months ago, we saw a lot of wildflowers in our fields but last season was dry and hardly any wildflowers in sight.   This year, we may be lucky.  The hills are getting greener and we may get a few more showers and snow.  The high dessert is unpredictable.  I hope my wild flowers bloom. I planted them near the mailboxes so people can enjoy them as they are driving down Balducci Road.

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