How To Make Burdock Chips?

If burdock chips aren’t on your snack list then you should definitely give this cultural delight a chance. Not only are these delicious but pretty simple to makel. It is a famous Japanese dish that contains a lot of fiber and sugar. If you have organized a small get-together of friends, then burdock chips will keep your taste buds satisfied. 

About Burdock

In Japanese, Burdock is called Gobo. If you have ever come across a burdock, it is a skinny and long vegetable and features a root that goes straight down into the soil. Since it’s well-grounded, it can be difficult to dig the root out when required. 

Burdock also goes by the name edible or greater burdock. From the looks, you would assume it as something that is not even edible but it is. Furthermore, vegetable shops sell Burdock as it is. Meaning they have dirt all around them. 

Its flesh features a crisp texture and sweet flavor with a bit of harshness. However, you can remove that by soaking it into water. Although Burdock is used to create many types of dishes but the most popular recipe is the one we are about to share with you. 

How to Make Burdock Chips?

To prepare Burdock chips, you first need to thinly slice them. Then, pat dry the burdock slices. Once they are dry, use a deep fryer to fry them at 170 degrees for a couple of minutes. As mentioned earlier, the burdock roots tend to be harsh. Therefore, you need to correctly prepare them before deep frying. 

While you are deep-frying, you can add several burdock strips while they shrink. Plus, the cooking time is going to vary depending on the thickness of the slice. If you are using a peeler for slices, then the cooking time should be about 1 to 1.5 minutes or less. 

Keep an eye out for the burdock when it turns light brown. This means that it is done. When you pick the burdock from the oil you shall notice that it is not crispy but a bit soft. However, once you allow it to cool down, it will become crispy. 

Peeling Burdock Skin

When it comes to burdock, it is said that its skin contains the most nutrition. You can simply get rid of the root by using a hard brush and cleaning the dirt. Some people tend to use burdock with its skin. However, if you do not like it, you can use a stainless-steel peel remover to remove the skin. 

Grab a medium-sized bowl and pour some water into it along with two vinegar spoons. If the burdock root happens to be long, you can cut the root into around 10 cm. If you are using a scourer for the purpose, simply rub the surface of the burdock root to reveal the white flesh. Repeat the process for the entire burdock. Once done, rinse the burdock quickly and put it inside the vinegar water. 

Slicing Burdock For Burdock Chips

Burdock chips are quite similar to making potato chips. As mentioned earlier, you need to thinly slice the burdock root. Depending on your preference, you can slice the root diagonally or lengthwise. However, you need to know that if you are using a knife, slicing the burdock is not going to be easy. You should have a slicer that can slice the burdock according to your required thickness. 

On the other hand, if you are using a peeler, push down hard on it to get 1mm thick ribbons. Using peeler results in very thin ribbons. Although they tend to be fragile but also taste good. 

Final Word

Burdock chips are not only tasty but light on the stomach as well. This is why you can eat a bucket of them and still not feel full. If you were to consider the tips mentioned above, you can make burdock chips with ease, anytime anywhere. Just make sure that you cut and fry them properly.