How to Stay Active When You Have a Desk Job

Many of us have a job that requires sitting for long hours. We spend most of our time at our desks to accomplish our tasks. Some people have jobs in an office set up, while others work from home. 

Unfortunately, staying seated for a long time affects our overall health. A sedentary lifestyle is associated with health problems like obesity, heart disease, cancer, anxiety, and many more.

Staying active is a must if you have a desk job to avoid health issues caused by prolonged sitting. There are ways to control and achieve a healthy living even with a desk job.

Ways to Stay Active at Work

You don’t need to sweat a lot during work. You only have to do things that would break the stationary cycle when working. The little activities you do will have a significant impact that will contribute to your well-being. 

Do Stretch Breaks

Woman in white jacket stretching her arms.

Not everyone can leave their desks to move around. Some need to stay in their workstation to carry on with their job. In this case, you need a minute to do a stretch break. 

You have to take a break more often to stand and do stretches. Reaching your toes and twisting your body will aid in blood circulation and keep your mind relaxed. It will also help in maintaining good posture and flexibility. 

Modify Your Desk

Your desk is significant to achieving your goal of finishing your tasks. If you are in an office setup, request for desk modification. And if you are currently working from home, it is time to customize your workstation.

Height Adjustable Desk. Sitting for eight hours at work is not beneficial to your body posture. You can switch from sitting to standing whenever you feel like it. You can stretch and move your muscles when using this type of desk.

Convertible Desk Bike. Now, you can multitask. You can work while cycling in place. And if you need to stretch your legs, you can convert it into a standing desk. There will be no excuses not to exercise. 

Opt for an Exercise Sitting Ball

Sitting balls are perfect for your muscles. It will help activate your legs, abs, and back to prevent you from slumping down when sitting. Utilizing a sitting ball while working is beneficial to you compared to a regular chair. 

There are several advantages to using an exercise ball. It helps increase your core strength, balance, and posture. It can also enhance your flexibility. You can use it to stretch your back after minutes of sitting.

Make Use of Lunch Breaks

Man in gray long sleeve shirt walking in the office.

You can squeeze in your mini-exercise during lunch breaks. You can do short walks before going back to work. Encourage coworkers to do the same. Together, you can improve your well-being.

You can utilize your 30 minutes of extra time to move your muscles. You will benefit from staying active even in your workplace.

Set a Step Goal

Setting and tracking your daily steps will help you to stay active. You can move around your office or workstation. You can also try walking from home to your workplace and vice versa. 

You will realize that you have reached your goal for the day. And it will also relax and clear your mind. It is the best way to improve mental health.

Ditch the Elevator

Use the stairs instead of the elevator to go up and down your workplace. It is a perfect way to stay active while at work. It will help you burn calories if done regularly.

There are benefits to using the stairs, which is healthy for you. It will improve your leg muscles and joints. Going up and down the stairs also strengthens your heart and reduces the risk of stroke.  

Purchase a Resistance Band

Crop sportswoman exercising with resistance band.

You can use a resistance band while in a sitting position. It will enhance your strength and promote muscle development. You don’t need to move around or stand; you can do it while sitting.

Resistance bands are affordable and are available on the market. You can train and work your muscles without leaving your workstation. 

Practice Walking Meetings

Meetings are typical in a work environment. Encourage walking meetings instead of doing it the traditional way. Conversations and brainstorming will flow naturally due to the change of environment. 

There are advantages to walking meetings. It improves creativity and focus. It boosts your performance at work by contributing great ideas during the assembly while staying fit. You get the best of both worlds.  

Have an Active Lifestyle Outside of Work

Staying active and moving your body helps to maintain your well-being. It is essential to exercise on your free day. There are many ways to keep a healthy lifestyle; you only need to do it regularly. 

Hit the Gym

Woman doing exercise.

Get a gym membership to use the equipment to stay healthy and active. If you want to go extra, having a coach to guide you with your routine will be helpful. 

You can take advantage of having a place to train and sweat. It will tone your muscles and boost your overall health.

Jog or Run

Jogging or running will help condition your cardiovascular system. Reduce the risk of developing heart disease. It is also a way of distressing and keeping your mind sharp.

Jogging or running will cost you nothing. However, this physical activity will significantly contribute to your healthy lifestyle.

An Hour of Yoga

You can do it in the comfort of your home. The internet world provides videos of yoga routines that you can use. You can also enroll in a yoga class if you want someone to guide you and do it with a group.

There are many benefits to doing yoga that are essential to your well-being. It builds strength, improves balance, and maintains joint health. It also helps in reducing and eliminating back pain.

Ride a Bike

If you’re someone who does not enjoy running, riding a bike can be an alternative for staying fit. An hour or two of cycling is beneficial to your health. It also eases your mind from stress and worries. 

Riding a bike drives you away from future heart issues. It also improves your cardiovascular strength. And contributes to having a longer life.

In conclusion, staying active when you have a desk job is hard. But with conviction and willingness to have a healthy lifestyle, you can do it. Squeezing in mini exercises during work will have an impact on your well-being.