Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Tips

an industrial kitchen

A commercial kitchen is certainly one of the occupied areas of the building, yet it is the most neglected ones as well. Usually, managers don’t really pay attention to its upgrading and maintenance, which leads to certain issues related to health and business too. However, if the kitchen and its equipment are … Read more

Common Onigiri Fillings

Onigiri, Japanese food

Rice triangles wrapped in seaweed with savory fillings are known as Onigiri or Japanese rice balls. You can have onigiri in a packaged form or handmade at grocery stores and restaurants. Onigiri rice balls are also known as omusubi. The name depends on the region. Instead of a triangular shape, onigiri can … Read more

Tips for Point Mugu Camping

View of the Pacific Ocean in Point Mugu State Park

Point Mugu State Park Campgrounds lie along the southern coast of Ventura County, with a lot of popular beaches close by. Out of the two campgrounds present in the park, Sycamore Canyon Campground is the most popular and the favorite ground for many campers.  These campgrounds offer several camping opportunities. Campers can … Read more

Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Tips to Remember

Housewife working at home. Lady in a blue shirt. woman clean floor

Countless floors are washed every day throughout the world. They have likely been cleaned the same way after installation. However, too often, the techniques used to clean floors are ineffective. You can find it hard to keep your property tidy and clean, particularly if you have small children and or active pets … Read more

How to Reduce Floor Maintenance

Whitewall empty room with plants on a floor

Everyone must make regular decisions about maintaining their floors and the costs for it. Shiny floors are a direct reflection of your home. A poor first impression of floor shine can reduce facility appearance scores by as much as 75%. Furthermore, they reduce house maintenance costs. They also prevent buildups of germs.  … Read more

Japanese Foods You Must Try While in Tokyo

Sushi, soy sauce and vegetables.

Tokyo is one of the exciting dining destinationsb of the world. There you will be having a wide range of both local and regional Japanese cuisine. The top restaurants in Tokyo have accrued more Michelin stars than New York and Paris. Tokyo is a city where you will find a portion of … Read more

About Japanese Grunt Fish or Isaki

Grunt sculpin

The Japanese Grunt Fish or Isaki is a traditional Japanese fish that is served in many Edomae-Style sushi restaurants. Over the years it has become increasingly popular since restaurants today offer several different types of sushi made from a single grunt fish. Although sushi tends to be on the expensive side but … Read more

Guide To Making Fried Noodle Chips

Uncooked noodles

Crispy fried noodle chips are found in soups and other dishes at restaurants. If you are craving for them at home, know that you can make them by following some simple steps. The best thing about these chips is that they are not only addictive but can also be used as topping … Read more

Benefits of Cabbage Miso Soup

Cabbage miso soup close-up

Since its advent about 1300 years ago in Japan, miso has been a star ingredient of many Asian cuisines. Miso means fermented beans, which stands true as it has fermented soybeans and grains. Although it helped preserve food, its rich umami flavor—a mix of salty, earthy, and a smidgeon of sweetness—was so … Read more

Benefits of a Traditional Japanese Diet

A bowl filled with Japanese soup

Owing to the harmony of flavors and well-balanced nutrition, the Japanese are famous for their traditional treats worldwide. Their diets are a treat to tastebuds with healthy benefits.  The traditional Japanese cuisine is based on washoku. Washoku is a set of high-end culinary skills and a well-balanced diet with rice and side … Read more