Planning a Quick Camping Trip in Japan

Irasshaimase, Japan! 

As a place full of mesmerizing landscapes, a culture of gratitude, incredible sights, and delightful treats, Japan is a dream vacation spot for many. It is a country where everything operates as it should. The most famous part of Japan is camping. If you are ready to travel to Japan for camping, you have found the right place. Here are some tips for planning a quick camp trip to the land of wonders.

1. Choose the Right Season

The first and most important question is, which season is the best to visit Japan? The answer depends on the interest of the traveler as each season has its cons and pros. Each individual has different preferences and chooses certain advantages over another.

  • Summer:

Mountains covered with greenery in summer

Typhoon season is another name for summer in Japan. The question arises, how much heat do you feel in Japan? It depends on which temperature you are surrounded by at home!

High Heat temperatures attract fewer tourists, and you can enjoy everything without dealing with crowds when camping.

Do you love animals? Summer is the best season to spot animals such as snow monkeys. However, make sure not to obey basic camping rules for wildlife. Maintain safe distances from animals, and do not photograph them.

Going to mount Fuji is a must when camping. However, in the summer season, visits may be dangerous as it is covered with black rainy clouds. Some visitors also complain about extreme humidity, especially climbers. The constant change between temperature from warm to hot makes the climbers suffer.

  • Winter:

Canopies covered with snow on mountains

Winter is the New year celebration season here. People from across the world come to see the traditional new year celebrations. We highly recommend this season for camping activities or hiking. The cities are less crowded as well as people leave for the ranges for skiing. 

However, as many people enjoy skiing in winter, those places are crowded. The temperatures drop too low, and camping during such seasons can make you suffer from sickness if you do not follow the dress code properly.

  • Spring:

Cherry blossoms trees

Spring is the most popular and admirable season of cherry blossoms in Japan. Visiting this season will offer you to see the overwhelming and pleasing view of cherry blossoms. You also do not need to follow any specific dress code and can enjoy it comfortably.

It is also popular among camp-lovers as it offers you full accessibility to utilize your time with any hurdles. However, crowds gather in cities like Kyoto, making camping or hiking difficult.

  • Fall:

A path between red trees

The fall foliage starts from September to November. It is the season when maples are red. The weather is moderate for camping. You can enjoy cold breezy air without having to deal with low temperatures. The orange and red trees are a wonderful sight to please your eyes. It can help you cheer up.

2. Take Pocket Wifi or 4G Sim After Landing

Sims scattered around on a white table

Before you set out, buy yourself either pocket wifi or a 4G sim. When going camping, using GPS is essential, and in such modern times, topography maps are of little use. Moreover, you will be able to book a ticket for an airport or transport vehicle without any hurdle. 

3. The Japan Rail Pass

A green bullet train with people

In a hurry, you might get opinionated and buy a Japanese Rail Pass, thinking it will give you full access to travel across Japan. However, this is not true. The Japanese Rail Pass does not work everywhere. The privately-owned Railways such as the Odakyu express to Hakone do not come under the Japanese Rail Pass. Use your money wisely.

We recommend planning your routes and itinerary. Pick your trains and see if you would need the Japanese Rail Pass.

4. Buy Festival Tickets in Advance


Since you are planning in urgency, you need to buy tickets in advance to any event or festival. Doing so will help you enjoy the unique heritage and enlighten your mood on your trip. Many camping trips focus on looking for history: Japan has a great history and is eager to share. Buying tickets in advance will help as crowds gather either to study history or camp.

5. Hire a Local Guide

Climbers on a snow covered mountain

As you’re planning this trip in a hurry, your best bet is to hire a local guide. You can even sign up for groups guided by them. GPS and user reviews alone can’t let you have the best of this place. Guides are well-experienced people and know the local language. They are also well-aware of any wildlife, natural hazards, and more in their ranges.

6. Pack Your Camping Essentials

A yellow camp with light in it

You will pack according to the season you are planning to visit. However, regardless of what season is it, you need the following camp essentials:

  • Sleeping bag: Sleeping bags provide comfortable sleep and are easy to carry.
  • Table and camping chairs: To enjoy camping trips, you will probably need these to enjoy your meals out there.
  • Spare batteries: Buy extra batteries to keep your phones charged.
  • Chargeable torch and head torch: Camping and discovering caves where darkness is, you need torches in such areas.
  • Sewing kit and first aid kit: While camping clothes tear apart easily, take a kit with you. Taking extra clothes will add up to your luggage load. As injuries are common, we recommend taking a medical first aid kit. 
  • An extra pair of clothes and footwear: As mentioned before, clothes tear, so having extra will help you.

The Bottomline:

With its beautiful sights, rich history, and serene ranges, Japan is a perfect place for your next camp trip. If you have your funds ready, there is not much it takes to plan a quick camp trip there. Choose your season, gear, a guide, and your place to travel. Don’t forget to taste the delicious Japanese food.

So why are you still waiting? Pack up and leave for your dream location!