A Guide to Practical Yet Stylish Camping Clothes

Camping trips are exciting and usually full of adventure as we live an experience away from our routine life. However, going on such a trip requires proper preparation especially when it comes to clothing. Many pack clothes that are stylish but not suitable according to the environment while others pack clothes that are just too much for the trip. Follow our guide to find out which type of clothes you should pack on your camping trip. 

How to Decide Clothes for Camping?

Before we move on to the camping cloth ideas, here are a few things you should consider before buying clothes for camping


Weather is unarguably the most important factor in choosing clothes for camping. If the destination you are going to visit has hot and arid weather, light clothes would be your preference while in case of cold areas, thick winter fabric needs to be worn by the campers. Be sure to check the weather of the area where you are going. 

In case there is a forecast for rain, you may also require a raincoat and other protective equipment. In some areas, it is hot during the day and cold during the night. For these areas, packing clothes for both weather types is important.

Choose your clothing according to the weather.


Since camping is a short trip, many people don’t want to spend a big amount on buying clothes, especially if the place where they live has totally different weather than the place they are going camping. For example, if a person lives in the hottest parts of Australia but wants to camp near the Australian Alps, he would not be interested in buying out the expensive clothes as they are not going to be of use later.

In case you don’t have a high buying budget, it is perfectly fine. There are many thrift shops, both online and physically located, where you can get cheap clothes easily. Moreover, you can also visit craigslist and other such websites to trade the currently unused clothes with other clothes that you might need. 


You must be thinking that when you are going on camping, why following a particular style and fashion is an important factor. One reason is that during your trip, you are most likely going to take loads of pictures that will be posted on social media later on. Therefore, being in a perfect style is very important to maintain your social image towards friends and family. 

In addition to that, there are chances that you might be going in the form of a group or perhaps, you will be camping at a place where there are already many people in their camping huts. Considering this, many people would want to have more stylish clothes on their camping trip.

staying stylish on your trip is essential.

Avoiding Controversial Clothing

When going camping, try to avoid any type of controversial clothing. You will be interacting with locals and possibly other campers. If there is something very controversial, you may not be able to fit in easily. These kinds of clothes also give a weird impression of you. Controversial clothing includes anything depicting particularly debatable such as politics, religious affiliation, racism, nudity, drugs, violence, modern societal issues, and various cultural perspectives as well. 

For example, if you are wearing something that points out your political preference, people who are against it may start a debate with you which could turn into a heated argument. Some people may wear a shirt showing blood and evil as a fashion icon but that wouldn’t be giving a good image about you to the locals. Avoid such clothes at all costs so that you enjoy the trip. 

Guide to Camping Clothes

Summer Time Camping

Summertime camping is easy and does not require you to indulge in any hefty preparations. You will not be carrying a lot of weight with you because simple cotton shirts are all that you are carrying. In addition to that, there will be extra space for carrying other items with you. 

Summertime camping requires you to get breathable fabric for shirts, pants, as well as undergarments so that there is no problem of sweating or rise in the body temperature. A cotton shirt and pants would make the perfect combo. Chambray is also a popular fabric for shirts commonly worn by men. 

Summer Camps in Forests require light clothing.

You can get shorts instead of pants if you are more comfortable in them but it is recommended to get pants. The reason is that during camping, there is a major problem with mosquitos as well as plants which can scratch your legs. The rugged terrain could further contribute to the problem. Best Part? You won’t have to wear any sunscreen and can easily resist the scorching sun. 

The same goes for your upper body too. Try to wear long-sleeve shirts rather than short ones because although the half sleeves may look more comfortable, the long sleeve shirts are more practical when it comes to convenience. A Round-neck or V-neck shirt along with a simple pair of jeans would be fine. In case you are at a moderately warm place, you can wear a half sleeve shirt. Polo Shirts are somewhat practical because they are more comfortable. 

Keep in mind that a few accessories would also work well. Buy a hat or a cap as they will protect you from the sun. Take some white gloves as well if you don’t want the sun burning your hands. Sunglasses will be perfect too.

There are some things you should be careful about. Firstly, try to have as many shirts as you can. This is important because if there is a lot of heat, you may get sweaty and the shirts could leave a bad odor. In addition to that, keep a deodorant or a proper perfume with you so that there isn’t any smell. Secondly, try to keep some cold creams or cold powders to help you in overcoming any heat. Take mosquito repellent lotion with you and apply it on your hands and feet properly to avoid any problems with mosquitoes.

Men shorts for summer camps.

Winter Time Clothing

Although many people go to warm places for camping sometimes, some daredevils want to experience the wild snow and a freezing temperature. Cold areas have a long list of clothing tips that you need to follow to ensure that your dressing stays practical and stylish at the same time. Areas that are usually cold make clothing very complicated as you have to put on several different clothes to keep yourself warm and protected from the harsh winters. 

Shirts made with Fleece or thick Cotton are usually ideal for wintertime clothing while woolen shirts are also becoming common. Underneath the shirt, a simple round-neck vest would be sufficient. If there is a very cold temperature, you can use a round-neck or V-neck shirt underneath. 

Every part of your body should be properly covered to keep you warm.

On top of your shirt, wear a sweater or a jacket depending upon how cold it is. Some people wear both at the same time. Woolen sweaters and high-necks are the perfect options to present yourself in a stylish manner while staying warm too. Both men and women can wear those. The jacket should not necessarily match the color of your shirt and it is advised to get it in color contrast. The jackets are either made out of leather or fleece. Leather jackets are used in areas with extreme cold while fleece jackets are used in a moderately cold environment. 

For your lower body, we recommend wearing leggings as they help in protecting your legs from the severe cold by maintaining warmth. Wear thick denim pants or synthetic fiber pants. You should also keep multiple socks with you. Some people feel so cold that they wear two pairs of socks or even more at a time. The thick boots and winter climbing joggers are usually recommended as perfect for wintertime clothing. Snow boots and Hiking boots can be bought as they have thick rubber soles with a leather body and a warm inner sole. 

Winter times also call for different sets of accessories including hats or woolen caps which can keep your ears warm. Also, warm gloves are important for your camping trip. Try wearing the biker gloves as they are more stylish.  

Winter clothing ideas 
Tropical Clothing

In case you are going to an area where the weather stays moderate, there is no particular restriction but we recommend using different accessories such as hats, glasses, watches, or bands to make yourself look more stylish. Wear shirts and pants/shorts that match with contrast. For example, a black shirt with blue pants, a blue shirt with black pants, a green shirt with white or blue pants, a brown shirt with blue or gray pants, and so on. Try out different types of combinations and choose the most appropriate ones for your trip. 

Perfect clothing for Tropical Areas.


Most of us wish to have a camping trip at least once in our lives. The experience of going out in the wild, living a life away from people, and having minimal social problems are something that many crave. Moreover, it teaches us different elements regarding resource usage and adjusting to life without many of the facilities that were generally with us. To have an awesome camping trip, you need to buy the right set of camping clothes. Above we have mentioned the summer camping clothes and the winter camping clothes.