Fashion Subcultures Around the World

Girl Wearing Steampunk Hat

It’s fascinating to observe how cultural phenomena and historical events have shaped our societies. What’s fascinating are the subcultures that transcend the mainstream in the hopes of forging their sense of culture and identity. It is wholly up to them how they create this identity.  Still, whether they do so through bizarre … Read more

15 Essential Korean Cuisine Ingredients


From stews, soups, meat, side dishes that range from salty, sweet, fermented to funky taste, all exploding in colors and bombing flavors into your mouth, Korean cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most distinct and vibrant across the world. Koreans value and take pride in their food culture, making it a major … Read more

What is Banga Nigerian Soup?

Shrimp Banga soup in a white bowl placed on a wooden surface table

Soup is a blend of different elements complementing each other in an optimum way to create a full-flavored texture. It is usually consumed before the main course as it is lighter on the stomach except when used as a full course meal.  Origin of Banga Nigerian soup Banga Nigerian is a traditional … Read more

What is Ukrainian Borscht Soup?

Do you think people could have conflict over something as simple as soup? The star of such a conflict is the borscht soup invented by the ethnic Ukrainians back in the 18th century. This dispute has been between Russians and Ukrainians dated back to when Ukrainians were under Russian rule.  Although Borscht … Read more

What is Portugese Calo Verde Soup?

A person putting some green leaves in a hot bowl of soup

Soup is comforting food. Whether it may be miso soup, French bouillabaisse soup, or American gumbo soup, everybody likes a delicious bowl of soup, and there’s no denying that. You might have heard of all the soups mentioned above, but do you know about Portuguese Calo Verde soup? If not, then hop … Read more

What are the Types of Japanese Noodle Soups?

A bowl of delicious noodle soup on a table with a plate full of salad

Just like Japanese fashion trends, Japanese noodles are also known around the world. In Japanese, noodles are called “men,” and they are a staple of Japanese cuisines. Noodles in Japan are enjoyed with sauces, soups, and stir-fried salads.  Hop in this exciting and delicious journey and get to know several types of … Read more

What are the Popular Japanese Hot Pot dishes?

Noodles on a wooden spoon with steam coming out from the pan

Nabe is a term in Japanese used for describing hotpot dishes. It is not only a term used to describe hotpot dishes, but it describes the word hotpot itself. Nabe is considered a typical winter dish cooked and eaten at the table with your loved ones.  Common ingredients in nabe include mushrooms, … Read more

Vietnamese Foods You Must Try While in Vietnam

Pho is one of the most commonly consumed dishes of Vietnam.

Food is a crucial part of any nation’s history and lifestyle. A country’s cuisine incorporates its flavors, its culture, and the produce that grows there. The Vietnamese people have cultivated their cuisine over hundreds of years. Today, Vietnamese dishes like pho are well-known in various parts of the world. However, Vietnamese has … Read more

Korean Foods You Must Try While in South Korea

A traditional South Korean food tray.

South Korea is famous for its street food and for good reason too. The country loves everything tasty be it from a high-end fancy restaurant or from street vendors, and you’re sure to benefit from that if you ever go to visit. You can find street stalls of things both sweet and … Read more

What are the Three Main Types of Miso Soup?

Brown bowl with miso soup

Have you ever happened to come across Japanese cuisine? Did you wonder what makes this mysterious cuisine so rich and how all the elements synchronize to produce an exquisite meal?  Miso soup is one such dish that is the highlight of Japanese cuisine. It comes in many variations and flavors that go … Read more